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Crystal Tower

1010 West Beach Boulevard
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

Toll Free: 800-826-1213
Local: 251-968-5324
Fax: 251-968-5418

Property Manager DeAnn Duhon

Department Manager David Bodenhamer

June 30, 2023

Please click the link below to view the May 2023 Special Assessment Letter

2023 – 2024 Crystal Tower Insurance Special Assessment Letter

March 21, 2022

Please click the link below to view the March 2022 Special Assessment Letter

Crystal Tower Hurricane Sally Review Insurance Update – Assessment Letter

December 14, 2020

Please click the link below to view the 2021 Crystal Tower Assessment Letter

Crystal Tower Assessment Letter

April 18, 2022 – Parking Pass & Wrist Band Policy

Owner Wristbands, Owner Guest Wristbands, Owner Decals, & Family/Friend Non-Revenue Generating Parking Passes – These items are located at the Crystal Tower Front Desk.  There is no charge for these items and they may be acquired by calling or visiting the CT Front Desk or by emailing DeAnn Duhon at  Only the wristbands have been updated this year, the Owner’s Decal and Family/Friend pass remain the same.  We request that Owners notify the Front Desk when family/friends will be picking up a pass.  Please contact me should you have any questions.

Guest Parking Passes and Guest Wristbands – These items are located at Young’s Suncoast 59 Office.  These items must be requested from Young’s Suncoast via email sent to  Please allow a 24-hr turnaround time on all orders placed Monday through Friday. Orders placed after 4pm on Friday will not be processed until Monday.  The color of the Guest Parking Pass is orange and the color of the Guest Wristband is neon green and is a one-time use band.  The method of payment is cash or check and the cost of a parking pass is $35.00 and the cost of a wristband is $2.00.  Please contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you to everyone for their understanding as we work to enforce the parking pass and wristband requirements put in place to protect the Owners and Guests of Crystal Tower.

Boat and Trailer Policy: Short-term parking only.

Water Mitigation Letter

Amendment Letter

Crystal Tower Rules Regs 2018

Crystal Tower Contractor Vendor Policy 2022

Door Lock Policy

Good To Know – Owner

House Rules Owner

Crystal Tower Association Dues are to be paid monthly in the amount of $600.

Payment Address for Monthly Dues:

Crystal Tower HOA

PO Box 3813

Gulf Shores, Al. 36547

Crystal Tower Bank Authorization Form

Crystal Tower HOA Dues Coupon Letter

Crystal Tower HOA Dues Coupon Voucher

April 13, 2022

South Pool House & Skywalk Open Date – the open date for the south pool house and SkyWalk has been extended to the first week of May.  Currently C-Sharpe is completing the metal work on the roofs of the pool house and gazebo and should be done by Monday.  The tile installation will resume on Tuesday and weather permitting will be completed within two weeks.  The pool and spa at the south side are open.

South Pool House Doors – The doors at the south pool house are tentatively scheduled to be replaced the 3rd or 4th week of May.  The south SkyWalk door will not be replaced until late June due to a delay in receiving the closures for that door.

Repair of the North Facing Wall, North Pool – C-Sharpe will begin repairing the north facing wall at the north pool on Friday.  This may require the closure of the north pool and spa intermittently.  If it becomes necessary to close the area for more than a few hours, I will send notification out to everyone.

Staff – Von Burt’s (Assistant/Weekend Property Manager) email address is  He may also be contacted at the Crystal Tower Front Desk – 251-968-5324.

Wristbands/Parking Passes – A reminder that on April 15th all Owners and Guests will be required to wear the updated Crystal Tower wristbands while on property.  Guests will be required to display a properly filled out, updated orange Guest Registration Certificate (parking pass).  There is now available parking in the east parking lot for guests, cleaners, and vendors who will be at Crystal Tower for less than three (3) hours.  Anyone else parked at Crystal Tower will be required to have a Guest or Vendor parking pass or an Owner Decal properly filled out and displayed or may be booted or towed.  Vendor parking passes are available at the Front Desk and are to be returned when the vendor departs.  The fee for a boot removal is $75 per day up to three (3) days.  Any vehicle that has been booted for more than three(3) days will be towed.  Fines may be paid at the Crystal Tower Front Desk and payment method is credit card only.

It has been a very busy Spring season to date at Crystal Tower and your staff is working hard to keep up with the building maintenance and challenges that come during this busy time.  As always, please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

March 25, 2022

Opening Date for the South Amenities and SkyWalk – The opening date for the south pool and spa remains April 1st.  The Pool House and the SkyWalk will remain closed until April 8th.  We will have barricades set up to block the entrances of the pool house and the SkyWalk exit to the south side will remain locked.  There will be workers on site in the pool house completing the tile installation and punch list items until April 7th.  Please remember this closure does include our bathroom facilities but we do have two temporary Porta Pottys located in the horseshoe driveway in front of the pool house and of course guests can use the facilities in the Main Building Lobby.  The metal for the roof is scheduled to be received around the 15th of April.  It may be necessary to close the south pool and spa for one day during the demolition but I will send out more information regarding that as it becomes available.

Beach Erosion and Beach Chair Service – As expressed in previous emails, Crystal Tower’s beach front has experienced significant erosion, first due to Hurricane Sally and then again due to winter storms.  Suncoast Beach Chair Service is setting up the number of chairs the beach can accommodate each day.  This number fluctuates with the tide and due to that limited number will be rented on a first come first served basis and most likely only available for a day rental instead of the extended discounted multi – day or weekly rental.  The City of Gulf Shores continues to advise that the beach replenishment will begin in the Fall and extend to March 2023.  I am hoping the planners will take into consideration the amount of erosion this section of beach is experiencing and replenish the West side first, but I will keep everyone updated as the information becomes available.

Parking Lot Seal and Striping – United Markings will begin the last phase of the parking lot seal and striping on Monday, March 28th .  We will begin blocking off the East parking lot and East entrance on Sunday afternoon.  Guests will need to enter and exit the property from the West and North.  Signs are posted at the elevators at the Parking and Lobby levels advising everyone NOT to park in those areas until the completion of the project.

Wristbands and Parking Passes – The new Guest wristbands and parking passes are available at the Young’s Suncoast office located at 3639 Gulf Shores Parkway (Hwy 59).  Due to the shipping delay of the wristbands, we are extending the compliance date to April 15th.  Wristbands and parking passes may be requested by emailing

Staff – Jeff Moser has decided to transition to performing maintenance only for Young’s Suncoast.  Jeff has been a valued member of the Crystal Tower team, and while he will still be present in the building working in that capacity,  he will no longer be the Weekend/Assistant Property Manager.  We wish Jeff all the best as he moves forward with this transition!  Von Burt will be replacing Jeff and will begin working at Crystal Tower on Saturday, April 2nd.  Von will be on site on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday each week.  We are so happy to welcome Von back to Crystal Tower and are confident he will be a great asset to our team!

Tonia Lins is the new HOA Business contact at Young’s Suncoast.  Tonia is replacing Julie Gilley.  If you need assistance you may contact Ms. Lins at  Please join me in welcoming Tonia!

North Pool Wall Repair – The North wall at the North pool is need of repairs that cannot wait until the Fall/Winter and are tentatively scheduled for April/May.  This work will most likely require the North Pool and Spa to be closed for one day during the demolition.  I will be sending out more details regarding this project as they become available.

Our team is very excited about the reopening of the south amenities and we will all be working very hard over the next few weeks to prepare the area for Owners and guests to enjoy.  Your staff is working tremendously hard to maintain Crystal Tower and to create a safe and beautiful destination that Owners can be proud of and guests will want to return to year after year!  As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact me at or 251-213-6342.

March 11, 2022

The parking lot at Crystal Tower will be sealed and striped beginning Monday, March 14th.  This project is scheduled to be completed on Monday March 21st.  The vendor will not work next Saturday or Sunday.  Some staging was done today and a portion of the North parking lot has been blocked.  I have posted a notice requesting that Owners and Guests do not park in any blocked areas while this work is being done.  The parking lot will be striped in three phases, beginning at the North side, moving to the West side, and finishing with the East side.

January 4, 2022

South Pool House – C-Sharpe has begun staging at the South Pool House and it is now closed.  The SkyWalk, the South Pool and South Spa are all also closed until the completion of the South Pool house construction which is scheduled to last approximately 3 months.  A temporary path has been created to the left of the South Pool house to allow Owners and Guests beach access.  Owners and guests will need to cross the street, stay to the left and follow the clearly marked path that leads to the South Pool deck.  The beach may be accessed as usual through the Crystal Tower gate and boardwalk.  Please remember the gate code will be changed to 542 on Monday, January 10th.

Condo Entry Doors – Tomorrow the painters will resume finishing up punch list items on floors 20 to 6 and may possibly move down to floors 5,4 & 3.  Please remember this is not a one day process and as they move down the building the doors require longer preparation time before paint is applied.  I would plan on some type of activity on all the lower floors within the next week.

Elevator Cab Interiors – Vasile has begun updating the Elevator Cab Interiors.  They have started on Elevator 3 which will be shut down for approximately 1 week.  This will be the process as the project progresses – 1 elevator at a time will be shut down for approximately 1 week in order to update the cab interior with the total timeline being approximately 3 weeks.

We have several projects happening at Crystal Tower at this time and ask for everyone’s understanding and patience as we work towards completion before the Spring Season.  As always, please contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Crystal Tower Project Update, December 2021

Please view the below letter from board president, Kevin Logsdon.

Crystal Tower Project Update Owner Letter 12.2021

Crystal Tower Update 5/20/2021

Please view the below letter from GCI regarding the window and sliding glass door inspection that will begin on Monday, May 24, 2021 and conclude on Friday, May 28, 2021.  Please notify your guests and property managers that inspectors will be on site and entering condos on those days between 9am and 5pm.  Thank you for your cooperation and please contact us should you have any questions.

Crystal Tower Condominium Association Notice of Inspections 05.17.2021

Crystal Tower Update 4/7/2021

Please click below to view the latest update regarding the Skywalk at Crystal Tower.

4.7.2021 Crystal Tower SkyWalk Update

Crystal Tower Update 1/26/2021

We have completed the punch list walkthrough on ALL floors and with the exception of ongoing work in the -01 stack, and some owner preferred details, Upland Hospitality has turned all units back over to us.  Jose, the project manager and the team will remain on site until Saturday to take care of any last minute issues that may arise.  It has certainly been a long road, and I would like to thank everyone for the continued patience and understanding.  Please plan to have your units cleaned and prepped for any upcoming arrivals, if it hasn’t been done already.

As for other repairs around the property, here are a few updates:

  • Willoughby Roofing will be on site tomorrow to stage and will begin work on the SkyWalk  roof Thursday.  Interior work will commence as soon as the new roof is in place.
  • Kutter’s Grounds Maintenance will be on site Thursday and Friday addressing the palm trees and beds around the property.
  • A-Z Fencing will be on site Friday to provide an estimate for removal and replacement of perimeter privacy fence.

We will continue to keep you updated here regarding all property work.

Crystal Tower Update 1/15/2021

A quick update on the individual unit reconstruction progress at Crystal Tower.  On Tuesday 01/12 and Wednesday 01.13, we did a punch list walkthrough on floors 16-13 and with the exception of some ongoing work in the -01 stack, and some owner preferred details, all units on those floors were turned back over to us.  On Monday, 01.18, we will perform the punch list walkthrough on floors 12-9.  As you see that the units are being turned back over to us, it is recommended that you have your condo representative or housekeeping do a final touch up clean and prepare the unit for any upcoming arrivals.

Trim, paint and touch up work is continuing on floors 8-2 and it looks like the team will be on schedule to complete their work by the end of the month.  Updates will continue throughout the remainder of process

Also, any owners that have been contacted by Ivan Valdez regarding a reimbursement, should reach out to him at your earliest convenience.

Crystal Tower Update 12/22/2020

Below is the final update from the reconstruction team, before breaking for the Holidays.  Floors 20-17 have been walked and turned back over, with the exception of a few issues.  To my knowledge, all units on floors 16-5, have been put back temporarily for any 01/01 winter guest arrivals, with the knowledge that there will still be some paint and baseboard work to be done in those units when the crew returns to Crystal Tower.  Should you find that your unit has not been put back or is not ready for an arrival please let me know, and we will do all we can to accommodate.

The Board of Directors and Crystal Tower Staff would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  We will be on site tomorrow, a half day Christmas Eve and will be taking Christmas Day off to spend time with our families.

Update from Upland Hospitality Group

As of Today December 22, 2020:

  • Floors 20-17:  Complete walk through. Specific units may have pending scopes which have already been addressed by both contractor and owner.
  • Floor 16:  Primed and trim work began.
  • Floor 15:  Primed.
  • Floors 14-5:  Waiting on paint and trim.
  • Floor 4:  50% complete with texture.
  • Floors 3-2:  First coat of mud.
  • Floors 16-5:  Plastic was removed.

Upland Hospitality Group will be leaving for the holidays on Wednesday December 23, 2020 and will not be returning for work until January 4, 2021.

What to expect when we return on January 4, 2021:

  • Complete pending work on certain units from the floors already complete.
  • Proceed with the existing conditions of the work already administered. We will be taking off from where we left off.  That would be:
  • Floors 16-15:  Trim and paint work.
  • Floors 14-5:  Continue working downwards towards these floors for Trim and Paint.
  • Floor 4:  Complete texture.
  • Floors: 3-2: Complete mud and wait on sanding.

Crystal Tower Update 12/18/2020

Upland Hospitality Group 12/18/2020

As of today, 12/18/2020

  • Floors 20-19:  Cabinets and touch ups. Preparing for flooring crew.
  • Floor 18:  80% finished with painting.
  • Floor 17:  Trim and paint are in process.
  • Floors 16-9:  Waiting on trim and paint.
  • Floor 8:  Texture work.
  • Floor 7:  2nd Coat of mud and sanding.
  • Floor 6:  2nd Coat of mud.
  • Floor 5:  First coat of mud.
  • Floors 4-2:  Waiting on mud.

What to expect during the weekend:

  • Floors 20-19:  Flooring, touch Ups, cleaning, and arranging furniture.
  • Floors 18-17:  Finish paint, start flooring.
  • Floors 16:  Start trim and paint.
  • Floors 15-8:  Wait on trim and paint.
  • Floors 7-5:  Start texture and finish and mud phase not yet complete.
  • Floors 4-2:  May get to start first coat of mud on Sunday.

If you have received any form to fill out from me, on behalf of Upland Hospitality Group, PLEASE SIGN and RETURN as soon as possible. Check emails from your Spam Folder, as my emails may be going there.

On Monday 12/21/2020 and Tuesday 12/22/2020, Upland’s Project Manager will be walking the 20th and 19th floors on the first day and floors 18 and 17 on the second day, respectively with Crystal Tower Property Manager Jay Kee.

If you would like to accompany them on the walk through, you are welcome to.

Crystal Tower Update 12/16/2020

Update from Upland Hospitality Group

As of today 12/16/2020:

  • Floor 20:  Finishing touches with paint, and trim work. Preparing for flooring.
  • Floor 19:  90% finished with painting. Trim work and cleaning still going on.
  • Floor 18:  Painting and trim work going on.
  • Floor 17:  Prime and trim work going on.
  • Floor 16-13:  Waiting on trim and painters
  • Floor 12-10:  Texture.
  • Floor 9-8:  Second coat of mud applied
  • Floor 7-6:  First coat of mud applied.
  • Floors 5-2:  Waiting on mud.

What to expect until Friday 12/18/2020:

  • Floor 20:  Preparations for flooring.
  • Floor 19:  Finished painting and trim, begin preparations for flooring.
  • Floor 18:  Finish painting and trim.
  • Floor 17:  Start painting and trim.
  • Floor 16-10:  Wait on primer, work downwards with paint and trim.
  • Floor 9-8:  Wait on sanders.
  • Floor 7-6:  Wait on second coat.

Floor 5-2:  Wait on mud, crew will work downwards as they finish up floors 9-6.

Crystal Tower Update 12/14/2020

Upland Hospitality Update

As of today, 12/14/2020

  • Floor 20:   Texture on certain units that needed re-texturing.
  • Floor 19:   Most Trim work. (caulk and putty)
  • Floor 18:   Trim work (began caulking)
  • Floor 17:   Texture finished.
  • Floor 16:   Texture finished.
  • Floor 15:   Began texture.
  • Floors 14 and 13:   Sanded. Waiting on texture.
  • Floors 12 and 11:   Waiting on texture.
  • Floor 10:   Finished second coat of mud.
  • Floors 9 and 8:   First/second coat of mud.

Upcoming days:

  • Floor 20:   Finish any paint left.
  • Floor 19:   Paint.
  • Floor 18:   Trim work.
  • Floor 17:   May get trim work started.
  • Floor 16:   No work.
  • Floor 15:   Texture.
  • Floor 14:   Try to get texture.
  • Floor 13:   Try to get texture.
  • Floor 12:   Sanding and try to get texture.
  • Floor 9 and 8:   Second coat of mud.
  • Floor 7:   First coat of mud.
  • Floors 6-2:   Wait on mud.

Crystal Tower Update 12/11/2020

Update from Upland Hospitality Group

As of Friday 12/11/2020:

  • Floor 20: Texture complete, primer on wall complete and trim work began.
  • Floor 19: Texture complete, began primer on wall.
  • Floor 18: 3 rooms textured, continue sanding.
  • Floor 17: prep for texture.
  • Floor 16: waiting on prep for texture.
  • Floors 15-10: First or second coat of mud applied.
  • Floors 10-2: waiting on mud.

What to expect for the weekend ahead:

  • Floor 20: Painting and Trim work.
  • Floor 19: Finish texture and start primer on wall.
  • Floors 18-17: Texture work.
  • Floors 16-15: Sanding and start Texture (most likely Sunday for texture)
  • Floors 14-6: First or second coat of mud.
  • Floors 5-2: waiting on mud.

You may notice that we will be working this upcoming Sunday; that is due to a shift of schedule so that we may have more production to try and satisfy the WHOLE building.

Crystal Tower Update 12/9/2020

Update from Upland Hospitality Group

As of Wednesday, 12/9/2020:

  • Floor 20: Sanding is being completed. 2001 received second coat of mud.
  • Floor 19: Waiting for sanding.
  • Floor 18: Waiting for sanding.
  • Floors 17 & 16: receiving second coat of mud.
  • Floors 15-4: Put back process finished (with the exception of a few units)
  • Floors 3 and 2: preparation for put back ready.

What to expect before Friday, 12/11/2020:

  • Floors 20 and 19: Finish sanding what was left and start texture.
  • Floors 18 and 17: Sanding, getting ready for texture.
  • Floors 16 and 15: Mud process.
  • Floors 14-4: Waiting on Mud crew.
  • Floors 3 and 2: Put back process.

If you have renters in your unit please try to communicate with them directly so they may be better aware of what is going on.

Crystal Tower Update 12/7/2020

Update on Crystal Tower Construction per Upland Hospitality Group, as of December 7, 2020:

  • 20th, 19th, and 18th floors are finished with second coat of mud. Waiting on a scheduled date for texture crew to begin work.
    • (Units 2001, 1901, and 1801 may not be 100% complete with the sheet rock or mud process due to the open ceiling problem with the duct work/ ventilation)
  • 17th and 16th floors are receiving their first coat of mud.
  • 15th, 14th, 13th, 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th, 8th, 7th, 6th and a portion of 5th floors have finished the put back process of materials with the exception of a few units like the ones on the East side of the building (01 units).

What to expect on the following days:

  • 20th, 19th, and 18th floors: Wait on scheduled date for texture.
  • 17th and 16th: finish first coat and try to get a second coat of mud.
  • From the 15th floor down the mud crew will go level by level to try to get as much done as possible.
  • Prep work for put back process to begin on Floors 4, 3, and 2.

Updates can be found here as progress continues.

Crystal Tower Update 12/3/2020

The reconstruction process for Crystal Tower started this week.

As of today December 3, 2020:

  • Floor 20: put back insulation, drywall, and first coat of mud. (no work on this floor today except unit #2001)
  • Floor 19: put back insulation, drywall, and first coat of mud. (no work on this floor tomorrow December 4, 2020)
  • Floor 18: put back insulation, drywall, and will aim to begin first coat of mud today.
  • Floor 17: put back process still in operation.
  • Floor 16: put back process still in operation.
  • Floor 15: Beginning preparation (moving furniture, covering Furniture and Floors of affected area) for put back process.

Over the next couple of days Upland Hospitality Group will aim to:

  • Finish the put back process on the floors that were still in operation as of today.
  • Start the preparations for the following floors: 14, 13, and 12.
  • Start and finish the Second coat of mud on Floors 20, 19, and 18.

Updates can be found here as progress continues.

Crystal Tower Update 11/25/2020

Please be aware that the reconstruction of the condo units at Crystal Tower is scheduled to begin Monday, 11/30.  The contractor has given us a 90 day timeline, taking the completion date to mid-February.  We are hoping a for a quicker finish, but are trying to plan ahead for any delays.  All incoming guests will need to know what is occurring on site, and will need to be compliant with the schedule of work. Also, release forms (see below update) for all on site guests must be on file with your office.

Crystal Tower Update 11/17/2020

The Crystal Tower Board met Friday, 11/13 and spent a majority of the meeting discussing the aftermath of Hurricane Sally and Hurricane Zeta in regards to Crystal Tower.  The SERVPRO team has completed all remediation and now we are ready to proceed with the reconstruction phase through Upland Hospitality Group.  UHG management is scheduled to be onsite this week and employees and materials will be arriving in the following days.  While I do not have an exact timeline for repair at this time, we have been given a 6-8 week window.  Ricky Sablon, the general contractor, specializes in high rise reconstruction and has assured us the most efficient way for his team to work is to start at the top and work their way down with multiple (3-4) floors in motion at once.  Each “trade” (sheetrock hanging / finishing, painters and final touch) will follow and overlap all the way down to the 2nd floor.

In regards to the reconstruction, it has been recommended that all parties on Crystal Tower property during any phase of work sign a release.  This includes owners, owner guests and rental guests.  The Board of Directors has approved the attached release form drawn up by Daniel Craven, PA.  Please include the release with any documents signed by your incoming guests.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

View and Download the Release: Crystal Tower Rental Guest Release

Other property notes include:

  • Temporary steps at boardwalk will be built this week, allowing us to open the South pool area and beach access. The SkyWalk will remain closed and we will have access to South side available through the street level gate.
  • Other storm related property repairs will be on going for the next few months
  • ThyssenKrupp is continuing work on our elevator mods and is making steady progress on Car 3. Please keep in mind that there are only two cars in service during the project and at times, only one depending on where the crew is working.

I will continue to keep you updated as progress is made on not only unit repairs, but also all property repairs

Crystal Tower Update 11/09/2020

During the past several weeks, we have been working with the insurance carrier, adjuster, and reconstruction contractor to begin the needed repairs at Crystal Tower. This process has taken much longer than we anticipated. We are working hard to get approval for reconstruction to start this week.  As you know we initially scheduled a “reopening” of the building 11/16, thinking that most, if not all of the unit reconstruction would be completed.  With the delay from the insurance company, the contractor is not even on site yet, and with 11/16 just a week away, we know that the work will not even be close to completion.  The contractor has given us a 6-8 week timeframe for initial put back, and in speaking with Board president Kevin Logsdon, we would rather not delay rentals for another 6-8 weeks (especially winter guest arrivals).  Therefore, even though it is advised that rentals remain limited until the reconstruction is done, we would like to accommodate any winter guest or holiday guest arrivals.

Unfortunately, this will not apply to the -01 units as they took a brunt of the water damage, but if you, as the management company or your owner feel that the unit is “livable”, then feel free to keep your upcoming arrivals.  You MUST let you guests know, however, that the units will not be in pristine condition, there will be on going work throughout their stay, and in order to expedite the reconstruction process, all guests will need to comply with contractor’s schedule.  Also, the property itself will not be in the best of shape.  The SkyWalk will remain closed, but I hope to have the temporary stairs at the boardwalk built in the next couple of weeks, and will open South side and beach access through the South street level gate.  ThyssenKrupp is continuing their work on Car 3, so remember we only have 2 elevators in service, and at times throughout the day, only 1, as the crew may have to take Car 2 out of service for their safety.

Although this will take some time, we WILL get back to normal.   We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation.

Crystal Tower Update 10/15/2020

The ServPro team has completed remediation in all affected units and will be departing Crystal Tower in the next day or so.  All drying equipment has been removed, units have been cleaned and COVID cleaned, as well as treated to prevent any future microbial growth.  The general contractor’s team will be moving on site in the next few days and will begin the put back process.

With that being said, and in speaking with Ethan, our project manager for ServPro, it has been advised that the suspension of rentals be extended until November 16 (Monday).  With the amount of put back required, this will give the general contractor’s team almost a 30 day window to get final clearance from the insurance company, labor / materials on site and begin work in the individual units.  Also, in limiting the amount of traffic on site, the put back team will have the freedom to move about without any delays.  Once the team is working, I am told the process will move quickly (…as quickly as possible).

Although ALL property repairs and unit repairs will not be completed by the Nov 16 date, we are hoping that a bulk of the units with little to moderate damage can be completed / cleared, allowing a “soft opening” for rentals.  The -01 units, as well as those units whose owners want to use this time for upgrades (paint color, flooring etc.) will obviously take longer.  As far as the property itself, work will be continuing for the next several weeks on the SkyWalk (roof and interior), the building itself (stucco / paint) and the West side privacy fence between Crystal Tower and Gulf Village.  Temporary steps will added to the boardwalk allowing beach access, and once the City of Gulf Shores allows permitting for boardwalk rebuilds, that process will begin as well.

I know this will affect arrivals for your units (including winter guests), but we feel this is the right decision to expedite the put back phase.  The Crystal Tower Board of Directors, staff, and the contractor’s team certainly appreciate your understanding.  I will continue to keep you updated on the progress.

Crystal Tower Update 10/08/2020

Our ServPro team has provided a unit-by-unit status report. (linked below).  Now that repairs are underway and flowing smoothly, we will do our best get a status report out each week, so that everyone stays on the same page.  As you are aware, some units had a lot more damage than others, so the terminology is vanilla regarding the progress.  The team is doing a great job, and hopes to have the contractor on site for put back soon.

Crystal Tower Condos – Unit Report 10.08.20

Crystal Tower Update 10/02/2020

The ServPro team is continuing work in the units and is making good progress.  Although we may not be 100% ready, we are still targeting the 11/01 date for rentals.  As I have mentioned, the -01 units took a hard hit from Sally and will need extensive repair, but the team is working diligently.  The general contractor who will be working with ServPro to replace sheetrock and flooring was on site today.

Temporary roof has been installed on the SkyWalk, and is ready for interior work (ceiling and flooring).  We are working with a consultant out of Pensacola for plans on a new permanent roof.  Tidwell Air Systems will also be installing 4 new a/c units for the SkyWalk.

Currently, the City of Gulf Shores is not issuing any permits for boardwalk rebuilds.  I spoke with a representative from the Building Department and was told the only thing we can do at this point is cut the current boardwalk back to where it is stable and install a temporary set of stairs to the sand.  Once the dune renourishment is complete, permits will be issued to rebuild boardwalks to the original footprint.  Hopefully we will have the steps built in the next week or so allowing beach access for those owners currently on site.

In the midst of hurricane repair, we have also started Phase II of our elevator modifications.  ThyssenKrupp has been on site this week moving new equipment to the machine room and has taken one elevator out of service to begin work.

Crystal Tower Update 9/28/2020

Initial Water Damage Assessment report from our ServPro Team.  This report will show you exactly what has been assessed in each Crystal Tower unit, and breaks down each unit as:  Cat 3 – Severe; Cat 2  – Moderate; Cat 1 – Minimal; and Not Affected.

Crystal Tower Condos – Water Damage Assessment

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 01.13.2018

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Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes (Via Teleconference) 04.06.2018

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 05.26.2018

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2018 Crystal Tower Annual Meeting

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 12.06.2018

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2019 Crystal Tower Annual Meeting Minutes

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Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 01.24.2020

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Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 01.22.2021

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2021 Crystal Tower Annual Owners’ Meeting Minutes

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 10.29.2021

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2022 Crystal Tower Annual Owners’ Meeting Minutes

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 03.18.2022

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Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 07.20.2022

2022 Annual Crystal Tower Owners’ Meeting Minutes

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 08.19.2022

Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 08.23.2022

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Crystal Tower BOD Meeting Minutes 12.29.2022